Welcome to Logic Lovely! I’m John Clark, creator of LogicLovely.com and a technology enthusiast, developer and founder of other websites like Yo! Free Samples.

I started this website for two reasons. First, the printable maze booklets on Yo! Free Samples received a tremendous response. People, especially teachers and health care professionals, really enjoyed them. And second, my father likes to play Sudoku.  When I saw him playing puzzles he printed from the internet with a tiny game grid and tons of ads, I wanted to create larger, ad free puzzles he could print and solve instead. So, I took the plunge, created thousands of puzzles and created this website.

Now, I’ve become addicted to word search puzzles and do them whenever I have free time. The daily random topic puzzles are a favorite. I always learn something new and I love figuring out the “why” behind each word my algorithm picked for that puzzle.

I hope you enjoy my puzzles and they help you keep your mind sharp.