35 Axe Puns That Will Chop Down Your Boredom

Ready to embark on a humor journey as sharp as an axe? Perfect! We’ve got a bunch of fantastic axe themed puns and jokes that will surely hack away at any remnants of boredom you may have. Grab your humor survival kit and fasten your laugh-belts, this is going to be a hilarious tumultuous ride!

This unique collection of 35 whacky puns and jokes, as cunning as the blade of a woodsman’s axe, will downright split-your-sides. Ideal for campfires or to bring an edge to any conversation, these puns and jokes will ensure that you’re anything but a dull character. So, without any further ado, let’s chop right into the fun! Trust us, they’re axe-traordinary!

  • Thanks for starting the fire. I appreciate your random axe of kindness!
  • Can I axe you a question?
  • Did you hear about the lumberjack who helps folks? He does random axe of kindness
  • How did the axe do in its maths test? It was chopping down fractions
  • You should axe yourself whether it’s really necessary to chop down that tree next to the woodshed.
  • What do you call an axe that tells jokes? A comedi-hatchet
  • The music band of lumberjacks is called “The Axe-ents”
  • What do you call an axe that’s been left in the cold? A chilly axe
  • Why does the axe love playing musical chairs? It loves a good chop competition
  • I’m sorry man I think I broke your axe head… Hope you can handle fixing it
  • I would tell you a joke about an axe, but that’s just too chopping
  • Why don’t axes ever get lost? They always follow the chopping order
  • When does a lumberjack laugh? When the joke is timber-rated
  • Why is the axe always cheerful? It’s always chopping for joy
  • What did the tree say to the axe? I’m falling for you
  • Why can’t the bald guy use an axe? He has no hair to split
  • What did the tree bark at the axe? You’re being too sappy
  • Do you hear about the lumberjack who loses his job today?  His manager just gives him the axe!
  • Why was the axe good in debate? It was great at making cutting remarks
  • Why is the axe a terrible gossip? It can’t keep anything under wraps
  • You did an axe-ellent job cutting down that tree!
  • Why did the hen lay on her egg? She wanted to hatchet
  • The lumberjack dropped his axe, it was an unfortunate axe-ident
  • Why was the axe a good listener? It always lent an ear to the lumberjack’s tales
  • Why did the lumberjack break up with his girlfriend? She had too many axe-pectations
  • Why was the tiny axe always getting lost? Because it was so hatchet-sized
  • What did the lumberjack say to his new axe? Wood you be mine?
  • Has the lumberjack recovered from his injury yet? Yes, he’s back in axe-tion!
  • Why is the axe so blunt? It doesn’t have a sharp sense of humor
  • Why did the axe join the gym? It needed a good chop-ercise
  • Why did the football team take lumberjacks? They know the axe-act way to make a good chop block
  • How can you tell a lumberjack is from another part of the world? They have a noticeable axe-ccent
  • I come home and found an axe stuck in my laptop. It mush have been hacked by someone!
  • The lumberjack’s cookbook is named after his axe: Chop and Serve
  • What do you call a Lumberjack’s error? An Axe-ident

And with that, we’ve hewed through all 35 of our axe-cellent puns designed to crack a grin on your face like a well-placed chop on a log. We hope these puns have brought you a lumber-load of laughter and helped you to branch out your sense of humor a little further. Till next time, keep in mind that while life can sometimes be a real birch, it always logs more fun with a good axe pun in your back pocket! But don’t take our word for it – go ahead and take a swing at sharing these knee-slappers!