36 Hysterically Clever Crossword Puns to Crack You Up

Prepare to tickle your funny bone, get ready to chortle, guffaw, and snicker! If you’re a fan of wordplay and a lover of grids and clues, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect comedic playground. Allow us to present a grand compilation of witty bits and pieces, guaranteed to make even the most stoic crossword aficionados chuckle. Yes, you guessed it, it’s a fabulous collection of crossword-themed merriment! Hopefully, you’ve pencilled some laughter into your schedule.

So, put on your thinking caps, flex your word-finding muscles, and prepare to indulge in some light-hearted humor that weaves the wonderful world of crosswords with the irresistible charm of a good pun. Ideal for sharing at parties, family gatherings, or simply brightening your own day, these puns are loaded with creative silliness. Don’t miss out, dive right in, the punchlines may just spell out some fun! Packed with 36 knee-slappers, your journey from 1 across to a downpour of laughter begins now!

  • What did the crossword puzzle creator say to her boyfriend? I’m good at filling gaps.
  • Cyclops asked his mom, “How do you spell the state name of Hawaii? ” while working on a crossword puzzle. “With two i’s”, his mom replied. “You just think I am one big joke, don’t you? ! ” The Cyclops screamed.
  • Why did the crossword puzzle fly into a rage? Because every word put it in a box.
  • Danielle said, “The crossword’s inventor is buried in our community cemetery. Isn’t that cool? ” Erin replied, “Ah, where are they at? ” Danielle said, “four down and seven across. ”
  • Why did the crossword puzzle book go to therapy? It had too many problems.
  • While finishing the newspaper’s daily crossword, a man was enjoying his sandwich for lunch. He asked his wife, “For a religious song, what is a four-letter word? ” His wife responded with, “Hymn. ” “Yeah, it’s difficult, right? ! ” He responded.
  • Do you know where the diehard crossword puzzle fan asked to be buried? They asked for six feet down and three feet across.
  • Did you hear about the two blondes doing a crossword? One of them asked how to spell the word paint, and the other responded by asking what color.
  • Why can’t a crossword puzzle propose to its girlfriend? Because it’s afraid of the clue-rings
  • Why was the crossword puzzle so good at boxing? They really know how to box.
  • What does a crossword puzzle say to its lover? Will you take me across and down?
  • I was getting close to finishing a crossword while riding a train to Seattle. “I was wondering if you could assist me, ” I asked the passenger sitting beside me. She seemed like a nice woman. She looked at me and nodded. I said, “All I need now is one more word. Six letters – an additional term for “material. ” She responded with “That is fabric. ” I looked at her a little puzzled, “Isn’t it pretty amazing? ” I responded, “However, my name is not Rick, it’s Stan. ”
  • Why don’t crosswords make good comedians? They always cross the line.
  • My father was joking with my mother today while they had their daily newspaper time, and asked for assistance with his crossword puzzle. He said, “Listed here is one name for a postman’s mailbag. ” My mother then asked him how many letters were available. My father responded with, “A TON OF LETTERS. ”
  • While boarding a plane, Eric realized the Pope was on the same exact flight. Eric was pretty thrilled about this because he had been a huge fan of the Pope his whole life. Eric was hoping to sit next to him or even see him! After they boarded the plane, Eric realized he was sitting next to the Pope himself! Eric was too nervous to strike up a conversation. Sitting quietly, the Pope took his crossword puzzle out from his carry on. Eric took notice and was secretly thrilled. He knew he was extremely good at crosswords, so he was hoping the Pope might ask him for some help. Within minutes, the Pope looked at Eric and asked, “Pardon me sir, but I need some assistance. Do you know a four-letter word that refers to a woman with an ending of ‘unt’? ” Eric was terrified. The three Cardinals accompanying the Pope distracted themselves on purpose. Eric composed himself and responded politely with, “Aunt is a great choice. ” The Pope chuckled and said, “Oh that is right! Silly me. Do you have an eraser with you? ”
  • Why did the crossword puzzle go on a diet? It wanted to shed a few squares.
  • How did the crossword clued the word life? Four letters, starts with ‘L’ and ends with ‘E’, hard at times but worth solving.
  • Why did the crossword puzzle blush? Because it noticed the word naughty.
  • Did you know that the inventor of the crossword puzzle lives just four across and three down?
  • Why was the crossword puzzle mad at the person? It got tired of being filled with pencils,
  • Angela said to Tony, “I’m going to do my crossword puzzle now and fill you in, in a bit. ”
  • What did the shy crossword puzzle say to its crush? I’m falling in words with you.
  • Why was the crossword puzzle so stressful? Because it always had a million problems to solve.
  • What advice did the crossword puzzle give to the new recruit? Just stick to your own square.
  • Why don’t crossword puzzles like rumors? They always have many squares to fill.
  • A wife is concerned about the state of her marriage and decides to add some roleplay to spice things up in the bedroom. She buys a hot and revealing Superwoman costume and sneaks into the bathroom to put it on. She then comes out of the bathroom into their bedroom, poses in a seductive manner, and exclaims, “Superpussy! ” The unphased husband continued his crossword and responded, “Soup, thanks. ” Talk about a let down.
  • Marie was finishing up her crossword and was completely stumped. She wanted to know what a 7 letter word for “easily perceived” was that started the letter “O. ” Her husband, Adam, said, “Obvious, right? ” Marie replied, “Well, I am asking because I have no clue! ”
  • Mom thought she was hilarious with her crossword clue answer. The crossword clue stated, “3 letters long, pointless object, and starts and ends with a D. ” Her answer, “Dad. ”
  • Which bible character was really bad at crosswords? Samson, because he could never figure out the Judges.
  • Why was the crossword puzzle so good at Jeopardy? It was always ready with its word for “word”.
  • Crosswords could never be a detective. The answers are always right in front of them.
  • What did the crossword puzzle say about its creator at their funeral? They sent him six feet down and three across.
  • Why don’t you see crossword puzzles at parties? Because they’re such squares.
  • Why don’t crossword puzzles ever pass the test? They’re always left blank.
  • Why did the crossword puzzle decide to get a facelift? It wanted to get rid of its wrinkles.
  • What did the crossword puzzle fan say when he got a new puzzle? I’m really boxed in now.

After going through our repertoire of 36 knee-slapping crossword puns, we’re sure we’ve not only tickled your funny bone but also fueled your affection for the cryptic world of crosswords even more. Whether you’re an amateur cruciverbalist or a pro at puzzle-solving, we hope these jokes have added some zany zest to your day and brightened up your puzzle pursuits. Remember, in the world of crosswords, having the ‘last word’ is indeed a laughing matter! So, always keep this joyful jest in your heart and never stop ‘puzzling’ out the humor in life. Happy solving, everyone!